Phonebook / Employee Directory Discontinued

In order to address concerns regarding employee privacy, the district has decided to remove the phonebook/ employee directory available through the DPS website.

This will not affect other information and resources on this website.

School phone numbers, as well as other pertinent information about a school can be found by clicking here.

DPS employees may currently access a district-wide phonebook through either ESS or Outlook:

Lawson Employee Self Service (ESS)

Log onto the portal with your network ID/password.

  1. From the menu window on left, select Work Information.
  2. From the next window under Work Information, select Phonebook.
  3. From the Phonebook page, Search based on name (see screenshot below).

Many of the features of both the ESS phonebook and the old DPS phonebook/employee directory are available in the Outlook Global Address List (GAL).

1. From Outlook, click on the Address Book icon next to the Address search field.

2. The Address Book window should open.

3. Search by Last Name or Department and press Enter. Otherwise, click the Advanced Find link and it will open another search window:

4. Click OK button

5. Double click on the resulting name to view employee details.